Our Story

After Tami Fant transferred with Alaska Airlines from Phoenix to Boise in 2008, she started training for the Seattle Susan G. Komen 3 day 60-mile Walk for the Cure to raise awareness about breast cancer. She asked her co-workers if anyone wanted to train with her and the only one that stepped up at the time was Karen Thompson. Together they walked in various places around the Treasure Valley and people began to notice when they laced up their shoes and hit the pavement to train. In 2009 another Alaska Airlines co-worker Susie Bevan, decided they needed help raising some funds for their 3 day walk. So Susie enthusiastically rallied their co-workers and with the Boise reservations call center supporting and encouraging them, they raised money with their first ever “Tie One On For The Cure” barbecue. In January 2010, they piqued the interest of several people and got about thirteen of them involved in organizing a team for the San Diego 3 day walk. While out on their training walks they would discuss how to do more to help women in the Treasure Valley and how to get more volunteers to help out. As they began to raise money for their walks, they realized that they needed to find a way to keep the money in the Treasure Valley and to help local women fight their battle with cancer.

Over the next couple of years, and a couple of more 3 day walks, several other co-workers along with many other people stepped up and helped make Bustin’ Out Of Boise into the organization it is today. Bustin’ Out of Boise officially became incorporated in July 2012 and received their 501(c)(3) status in February 2013.
Whether it’s helping a loved one through the fight of their life or trying to navigate the complexity of treatment yourself, cancer impacts every one of us at some point in our lives. With the diagnosis come a myriad of large and small decisions. Most of these decisions cannot be taken lightly. But how does a person keep up with the daily tasks of life while fighting their battle with cancer? We walk alongside women to support them and their families with meals and household help. We have partnered with Schwan’s to deliver meals that meet the size and desires of the family. In this way, moms are able to provide a home cooked and health dinner without a lot of planning and prepping. Through our partnership with Bright Star, we make available, household services such as laundry, cleaning, homework and in home daycare. Bright Star works with the women personally to tailor a program that works for them. By filling the gap for these families, women are able to focus on what matters most – spending time with their family and getting well. Please join our effort by donating today. Together, we can make a difference and stand in the gap for women in our community fighting for themselves and their families.