Boise Call Center employees created a 501C nonprofit organization to support women’s health, especially those diagnosed with cancer. This group recognizes the hardship of woman who are experiencing an illness, working and raising a family, while trying to become healthy once again.
They “walk alongside” these women, helping ease the burden of the daily tasks so that they can focus on their health. Their goal is simple and specific. They focus on supplying funds for meals, cleaning and transportation, and assisting with daily essential needs that make a major impact on a family. They began in 2008 and now have a goal of providing $7,500 in support to 20 different women each year.

Susan Bevan
Mary Lou Buchta
Victoria Carnes
Tami Fant
Nancy Drummond
Maria Hagan
Sherri Hickman
Rose Keene
Kathryn Kope
Inna Lyashchuck
Zhanna Lyashachuck
Jenny Moon
Juanita Russell
Karen Thompson
Melanie Uyeda

photo by LJ Sisemore

photo by LJ Sisemore

Karen Thompson


I grew up in Northwestern Montana and am a long time resident of Boise, ID. I am one of the co-founders of Bustin' Out Of Boise. Forming a non profit was not something I had ever thought I would do, but when I met my co-founder Tami, and I signed up to walk my first Susan G. Komen 3 Day Walk for the Cure with her it kind of evolved from there.